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STAK-X50 Gasifier Generator

STAK-X50 Multi Fuel Generator
(Price: $24,995)

Based on the Ford WSG1068 industrial grade 10 cylinder inline engine. The STAK-X50 Multi Fuel Generator incorporates proven technology and design innovations that make it the most advanced power source available for backup power or continuous use.

The STAK-X series generators are without a doubt the best option available for converting gas produced by your STAK model gasifier into valuable electricity.

STAK-X50 Gasifier Generator Ford 50,000 Watt Gasifier Powered Multi Fuel Generator - Whether you need to supply power to a neighborhood, a lodge, or just need standby emergency power, the STAK-X50 Multi Fuel Generator will get the job done day after day.

This multi fuel miracle operates at 1800 RPM and runs smooth and quiet with its residential-grade muffler, acoustic dampening air intake system and vibration isolators.

This unit features a Ford, 10 cylinder engine, cast iron crankcase with reborable cylinder liners, brushless generator with automatic voltage regulation, liquid cooling,  high volume air filter, steel skid base, muffler for quiet operation, turn-key start and hour meter.



Options Price
Sound Enclosure + $1,600
Two-Wire Auto Start + $400
200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch + $1,600


Product Features


Generator Specifications


STAK-X50 Gasifier Generator
Automatic Voltage Regulation Standard
Is this unit suitable for powering sensitive electronic equipment like a laptop computer? Yes
Power Single-Phase ---
Maximum Output 50,000 watts
Continous Output 49,000 watts
Load Amperage at 120 volts ---
Maximum Load 417 Amps
Continous Load 408 Amps
Load Amperage at 240 volts ---
Maximum Load 208 Amps
Continous Load 204 Amps
Sound Level @ 23 ft(7 m) 74 dB(A)

Actual power produced is dependent on the fuel type, size, shape, and moisture percentage. Results will vary with biomass fuel, as it is not a consistant fuel source like gasoline or diesel. While the average power of the genset is 50KW, the actual power output may be slightly above or below 50KW.

Engine Specifications


Model Ford V10 WSG1068
Displacement 3.0L
Air Cleaner Replaceable dry element
Horsepower 250 HP
Oil Capacity (w/ Oil Filter) 6.7 quarts
RPM 1800
Cylinders 10
Cylinder Block Cast Iron w/ Cast Iron Sleeves
Bore & Stroke 3.55 x 4.14 in.
Cooling Liquid-Cooling, Pushor Fan
Coolant Capacity Approx. 6.5 Qts
Governor Electronic Governor
Fuel Wood gas / Producer Gas / Syngas, Natural Gas / Methane / Biogas, and Propane / LPG
Battery charging alternator 90 Amps
Starting System Electric


STAK-X50 Gasifier Generator


Control Panel


Control Panel
Turn-Key Start Standard
Hour Meter Standard
Circuit Breaker Standard


Installation Data


Installation Data
No. Power Lead Conductors 4
Exhaust Outlet 2" OD Muffler Outlet
Coolant Recommendation Mixture: 1/2 Anti-Freeze & 1/2 Water
Fuel Inlet Size 3/4 Inch
Battery Type 12 VDC - 575 CCA
Engine Oil Type SAE 10W-30 synthetic

STAK-X50 Gasifier GeneratorSTAK-X50 Gasifier Generator

1. Radiator Fill
2. Oil Filler Cap
3. Fuel Inlet Fitting
4. Battery Tray
5. Air Filter
6. Spark Plugs
7. Oil Dipstick
8. Oil Filter
9. Muffler
10. Generator
11.AC Power Output Cover
12.Control Panel Cover


Maintenance Schedule


Maintenance Schedule
Replace Oil Filter 500 hours / 12 months
Replace Fuel Filter 500 hours / 12 months
Replace Air Filter 500 Hours / 12 months
Replace Engine Coolant 500 Hours / 12 months
Exercise Generator Under Load Twice each month
Change Oil 500 hours / 12 months




Engine Warranty 1 Year
Generator Warranty 1 Year




STAK-X50 Gasifier Generator
Length 83"
Width 44"
Height 57"
Dry weight 2410 lbs

Shipping information

NOTE: It may take 6-8 weeks before your unit arrives. Each unit is custom built to order.

Ship Weight: approx. 2,500 Lbs

Shipping price: Approx. $650. Please contact us for a more accurate estimate

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