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STAK-50K Stratified Downdraft Gasifier (Price: $16,995)

STAK 50K Biomass Gasifier

Do you want to learn to create your own electricity, your own vehicle fuel, or reduce your home heating/cooling costs? What would you do if a energy crisis began today?



Downdraft gasification is an alternative energy technology that converts biomass materials such as wood into energy. Biomass is mainly composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. When these elements meet in a controlled high temperature state, they combine together to become hydrogen gas, methane, and carbon monoxide. All of these gasses are combustible!

In today’s world with the rise of terrorism and economic instability, the risk of a serious disaster occurring is very high. Those of us with families have an obligation to provide for our loved ones and keep them safe.

Gasification is a proven technology that helped millions of people survive during the Second World War. Gasification allowed farmers to grow crops, food to be transported, and electricity to be generated. During the fuel shortages of World War II, more than one million vehicles were powered by wood.

In the hands of a knowledgeable operator, our improved design biomass gasifier will enable the user to power engines for vehicle transport and “off grid” power generation. It can be used in endless thermal applications where LP (Propane) or natural gas is currently used. For these reasons, our biomass gasifier is perfect for emergency situations where no fuel is available to anyone.

Although wood chips are the preferred gasification fuel, our gasifier can successfully produce fuel from many materials like, mill cut-offs, corncobs, corn stover, straw, peanut husks, walnut shells, dense biomass pellets, and exec.


Product Features

· Downdraft gasification design, compact structure, high efficiency, and simple operation.

· Fuel can be added conveniently while simultaneously generating gas. There is no need to shut down to add more fuel, ensuring consistent operation for the user.

· Exceptional filtration system, utilizes proprietary "wet" gas scrubbing technology, as well as multiple packed bed filters. This system ensures that the tar content, ash content, and moisture content of the gas is kept to a minimum and the gas is clean.

· The unit can be started without relighting up to 20 hours later, simply by opening the air entry and turning on the blower.

Technical specifications



Approx. BTU/hour


Gas output via blower (m3/h)

50 - 80

Rated horsepower


Peak gas output via engine (m3/h)


Material required (Lb/hr) blower only gas production

30 - 90

Material required (Lb/hr) at peak HP through engine


Gas calorific value (KJ/m3)


Gasification efficiency


Gas pressure


Standard analysis of gasses

CO:18%, H2:6-10%,CH4:2%




Items included

· Downdraft gasifier unit

· Gas cooler and filtration units

· Blower assembly

· Hot air heat exchanger

· Liquid heat exchanger

· Table top stove for emergency situations, cooking, or experimentation.

· High temperature gaskets, valves, and assembly bolts

· Gasifier cleaning and operating tools

· Gasification information CD with operating and instruction manual and assembly and operation video


Items not included

· Hose barbs and hose


Limited Warranty

All components of our gasification system are warrantied for 90 days upon delivery. Any items that require replacement due to normal operation as described in the operating and instruction manual will be replaced by us. If any components are damaged during shipping, please contact us immediately.


Shipping information

NOTE: It may take 8-10 weeks before your STAK-50K gasifier arrives. Each unit is built to order and contains imported parts. This allows us to sell a higher quality unit than our competitors at a much lower price.

Packing: wood box with steel frame
Ship Weight: Approx. 4,000 Lbs
Shipping price: Approx. $950. Please contact us for a more accurate estimate


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