Thursday, February 22, 2018


Pellet Coolers

The STAK-LN Series coolers are specialty cooling machines developed for cooling and drying high temperature pellets after pelletizing.

The pellets are cooled gradually from bottom to top by the countercurrent move of air. This process can avoid breaking of the pellets due to thermal shock. Additionally, it makes the appearance of the pellets more beautiful.

Pellets that are run through the STAK-LN series coolers can keep for much longer than pellets that are cooled and dried by placing them in a bucket or spreading them on the ground.

After cooling the pellets are near room temperature. The pellets are at least 3.8% drier after the STAK-LN cooling process.

Product Features:

· Large output

· Good cooling efficiency

· Automatic operation

· Low noise

· Low maintenance

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