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Pellet Mill Combo Package

SALE PRICE - $2,395

We are currently offering a $995 discount with FREE shipping for preorders of this pellet mill and hammer mill combo. With the preorder special and discounted shipping, most customers save over $1,100!

Basically, it is much less expensive for us to manufacturer several machines at once. We collect several customer orders and then order multiple components and motors at the same time. This practice enables us to manufacturer these machines at a lower cost and we in turn pass the savings on to our customers.

The estimated lead time for preorders is around 8 weeks, but well worth it when considering the savings.

This is a limited time offer with limited quantities available . Order today!

NOW is the best time to produce biomass pellets.


Our pellet mills provide the average person with the ability to produce their own renewable heat source from free or inexpensive materials. With one of our pellet mills, you will be pelletizing all sorts of biomass materials in no time at all.

You will be able to make pellets for your friends and family and get them to


You will love staying warm this winter for free!

What is pelletizing?

Pelletizing is the process of making waste materials into solid fuel. The pellets are typically used for burning purposes. However, pellets can be used in several processes from making animal feed to electricity production.

What materials can be used for making pellets?

Pellets can be made from any type of Agro-Forestry waste. Including but not limited to wood, leafs, grass,  cornstalks, cardboard, switch grass, pinecones, hay, nut-shells, corn cobs, tobacco waste, straw, animal waste, and so on.

How does it work?

Biomass  is fed to a press where it is squeezed through a die template that contains several holes. The high pressure of the press causes the temperature of the biomass to increase greatly. As the biomass is heated, the lignin (organic polymer found in the cell walls of plants) plastifies forming a “natural glue” that holds the pellet together as it cools.

Product Details (Pellet Mill)

The model STAK-B120-1P (220 Lbs per hour capable) pellet mill features simple operation, excellent stability, low noise, and great performance.

The pellet mill operates by “direct drive” power transmission. The unit has no belts, which means no slipping. This is one of the reasons why our units can provide better power transmission than the competition. The entire drive assembly is contained inside an oil filled gearbox.  The gearbox housing is constructed of cast iron.

The die and rollers are made of high quality, heat treated, alloy steel. They have 3-4 times the life span of the typical dies and rollers found on other pellet mills.


Product Details (Hammer Mill)

The model STAK-R330 hammer mill has a maximum production output of 330 Lbs per hour. It features simple operation, excellent stability, light weight, and great performance. It is best suited to grind soft biomass and small wood chips / shavings.

  • Production capability: 330Lbs per hour
  • Motor size: 3HP 220v single phase or 110v single phase (spicify at time of order)

  • Items included

    This guide compares the average BTU / Lb for many different biomass materials. It will show you what materials to use for the hottest burning pellets.



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    NOTE: The current lead time is around 8 weeks for most US locations with freight shipping.


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