Thursday, February 22, 2018

Autofeed system for STAK-10K and STAK-30K Gasifiers

Price: $995

Advantages: Additional storage capacity, automatic fuel delivery


Items included: Auger assembly, Cycle timer, Panel mount kit, Feed chute

Items not included: Barrel / drum, or other container to be used as a hopper, stand to hold hopper


The hopper is for local storage to feed the gasifier, it can be as simple as a 15 gallon or larger barrel.
Gasifier auger feed

Choose the size of your Local Storage drum to meet your needs.

Gasifier auger feed

When using a simple barrel, pail, etc, as a feed hooper, fuel pellets will create a natural cone of broken down material. You need to consider this when sizing your hopper. The cost is minimal when compared to the labor and material to build a more complicated hopper. But the choice is yours.

Gasifier auger feed

Shown here is an example of the Cycle timer installed on a simple stand.

STAK Properties, LLC does not build or supply parts for this hopper or stand. It is only shown here as an example of what could be built. Your stand should be built to accept the size of the drum or hopper of your choice.

Gasifier auger feed

Mounting the feed Auger to the hopper is simple.

Decide where the auger assembly should be located and mark the hopper
Using the hopper flange layout, locate and drill the mounting holes.

Notice the auger assembly is mounted off center , this is to provide clearance between the hopper and gasifier.

Gasifier auger feed

Locate your electrical junction box used to connect your power cord to the auger assembly.

Gasifier auger feed

Mount the auger assembly and make the electrical connections. A switch can be added to shut off the auger, if preferred.

You may wish to add a protective shield for the motor fan for improved safety.

Notice the plug cord connection to easily attach and detach from the cycle timer.

Flip the hopper assembly over and place it on your stand.

Gasifier auger feed

Here the cycle timer, the auger assembly, and feed chute are shown togeather. Your stand should be made to the height to match your gasifier model. The feed chute should be positioned a few inched above the top of the gasifier reactor.


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