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STAK "K" Series Downdraft Gasifiers


Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find the answer that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do STAK gasifiers cost so much less than competitors models?

Our company believes that gasifiers are an excellent preparedness solution. We firmly believe that our gasifiers can help keep families safe and save lives in times of emergency. This was well proven throughout Europe during WWII. We aim to keep profit margins low enough to keep our gasifiers affordable for our customers. We offer many models to help each customer stay within their personal budget.

Additionally, we practice lean manufacturing principles. Each unit is built to order to keep our costs as low as possible. Proprietary components of our gasifiers are mass produced overseas following strict U.S. and international quality standards. This allows us to sell a higher quality product than our competitors at a much lower price. In many cases, we sell our gasifiers at a lower price than the price a customer would pay for the raw materials needed to construct our models.

What types of feedstocks can I use?

Wood chips are the preferred gasification fuel. However, our gasifiers can successfully produce fuel from multiple biomass materials like, mill cut-offs, corncobs, corn stover, straw, peanut husks, walnut shells, dense biomass pellets, and exec.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Each unit is built to order to help keep costs as low as possible. Due to the strong demand in the preparedness community and the increasingly growing global demand, the average lead time is around 8 weeks from cleared payment. Please verify the current lead time before placing your order.

Why are STAK gasifiers so much heavier than other gasifiers on the market that occupy the same or similar amount of area?

Quality! We believe that our gasifiers should last for many years. The internal components of our reactors are made of materials that have a proven track record set by the coal and furnace industry to last for over 100 years. Our gasifiers are designed to outlive the purchaser. Our units can help keep our customer's families safe for generations by passing the gasifier down to younger family members. Our gasifiers are an excellent heirloom gift.

Most models available on the market are constructed of welded fabrications in the high temperature reduction zone of the reactor. These designs eventually crack due to thermal stresses and the corrosive environment inside the gasifier reactor. Welds in this section fail even if stainless steel is used as the base metal. Our STAK "K" Series models utilize a proprietary high temperature grade iron casting! The alloy used is specifically designed for low thermal expansion with exceptional thermal shock and corrosion resistance.

Does the STAK "K" Series Gasifiers come with a warranty?

Yes. Each gasifier that we sell comes with a standard limited lifetime warranty.

How much material will the gasifier consume per hour?

The fuel consumption is dependent on your power output requirement. Our gasifiers consume around 2 Lbs of biomass for every horsepower produced.

Can STAK "K" Series Gasifiers run continuously, 24/7?

No. Each gasifier model must be shut down at least once per day for basic maintenance. Maintenance times will vary by model. The average maintenance time is around 10-15 minutes.

How long will the gasifier run on one fill?

It depends on the amount of gas being produced, the feedstock density, size, shape, and moisture percentage. In some applications, the gasifier can run all day long on one fill. In some applications, the reactor must be filled once per hour. We also offer auto fill options that use external hoppers to feed the gasifier. This allows for additional run time between fills. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your application in detail before placing an order.

Will the gasifier run my car, truck, tractor, generator, and so on?

Yes! Our gasifiers can be used to power nearly any internal combustion engine. If you plan to convert a vehicle to run on syngas produced by a gasifier, keep in mind that you will not win any races! The energy density of syngas is less than conventional fuels like gasoline, so the engine will have a loss in power. This is why gasifiers were historically only used for vehicle transport in emergency situations during WWII. Please be sure to size the gasifier model accordingly based on your application.

Can the gasifier run a diesel engine?

Yes. Diesel engines can function in a hybrid setup, where a small portion of diesel fuel is used for ignition and lubrication. The remainder of the fuel used can be up to 90% syngas from the gasifier. With some engines, this conversion is simple as idling the engine on diesel fuel and using a ball valve to control the volume of syngas fed into the engines intake to increase power.

Can the gas be compressed and stored for later use?

Yes. However, it is not cost effective in many applications. Also, one should consider safety precautions when compressing combustible gasses. Our company will not offer assistance regarding any high pressure gas compression applications. We do offer low pressure rubber membrane gas storage bags. These bags are not ideal for running engines due to the low volume of gas that they store. They are better suited for storing gas for cooking purposes in developing countries.

Can I gasify wood and other forms of biomass pellets?

Yes. Our gasifiers will operate on pellets made from many burnable materials such as wood sawdust, grass, leaves, and agricultural crop waste.

Can I gasify chicken litter or other forms of manure?

Yes. For best results, we recommend that the chicken litter or manure is mixed 50/50 with another form of burnable biomass like wood and pelletized before processing through the gasifier. The moisture percentage of the fuel should be 20% or less.

There are similar appearing gasifiers online that come from China. Are these the same gasifiers?

NO! If the price seems "too good to be true" than beware! Our company does share some technology with companies in China that produce similar appearing gasifiers for cooking purposes. These gasifiers are not designed for long term use. These models do not run hot enough to crack / reduce tars, or have the filter capacity to produce a clean enough gas to run engines. The internal components of STAK "K" Series Gasifiers are significantly different than the gasifiers that are sold in China for cooking purposes!

There have been cases where pictures and video clips on of our company's websites have been stolen by con-artists. Due to unique international laws, it is nearly impossible to fight these scams with any legal action. Most of the time, these are not real companies. These are individuals that attempt to scam customers and take their money. Even if they are labeled a "Preferred Supplier" or something similar on an interational trade website, it is likely that they are not a real company. These scammers only need to pay a small fee to the website to become "verified" and get that status. We have been told by multiple customers over the years that they have paid money to these so called companies and they never received their product!

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